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My name is Tom van den Wijngaard and I believe in the power of trees! In 2023, I founded Mobile Forestry with the ultimate goal to plant and strategically guide beautiful trees towards maturity in the bustling heart of metropolitan city centers so the benefits of trees can be enjoyed by our future generations!

Today, urban trees hardly reach their full potential. The studio therefore felt the drastic need to rethink the way trees are planted and managed. By transforming urban projects into living laboratories, the Mobile Forestry Research & Design studio aims to constantly improve the body of knowledge on urban tree management and share it on this platform.

Together, we can improve the livability for millions of people in metropolitan city centers if we keep asking the right questions and put our knowledge to the test by planting more trees!

Let's get in contact or take a look around the website to learn more about The Mobile Forestry Strategy.

Tom van den Wijngaard- Founder of Mobile Forestry

Modern day challenge of Urban Forestry

As urban populations are rising all over the world the liveability in concrete metropolitan city centres is in real danger; Global Urban densification and the fast increasing temperatures is a significant call for immediate action. Luckily, Trees have many benefits for the urban environment including the ability to reduce temperatures, clean polluted air and provide a calming stress-reductive ambiance to public urban domain of millions of people all over the world.

Unfortunately growing healthy mature trees that can provide these liveability benefits takes a long time, especially within the ever evolving metropolitan city centres were trees are often removed during urban development. Today, many Urban Forestry practices have shown that the conventional methods of planting and managing trees in the urban environment are no longer sufficient since trees hardly reach maturity.

The Mobile Forestry strategy

In 2022, I invented The Mobile Forestry Strategy & research methodology in response to the unavoidable forestry challenges posed by urban densification and climate change. In my book "navigating the Future of metropolitan trees, v1 2023" I describe and test the inovative concept in which trees are continued to be strategically relocated thrueout their evolution towards maturaty. This practice allows cities to constantly grow their right trees at the right location without the need to cut trees due to bad maintanance or urban developments. Overtime this could significantly improve the quantity and size of trees that contribute to healthier cities.

Today the ultimate goal of the Mobile Forestry Research & Design Studio is to further develop it's strategy by working together with municipalities and implementing it to bussling city centres of the world.

Click here to dive into The Mobile Forestry strategy by requesting my book: 'navigating the future of metropolitan trees'

How do we want to plant, maintain and manage our trees in metropolitan city centres in order to create pleasant living atmospreres for the future generation?