Project / Navigating the Future of Metropolitan trees; | 12-09-2022

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The invention and examination of the Mobile Forestry Strategy & Research methodology

In September 2022 Tom started his Msc graduation process at department of Urban Forestry at the Technical University of Delft. Being inspired by the Urban Climate Arboretum at the Faculty of Architecture and his deep fascination for bonsai he formulated, investigated and answered the following research question. “What is the Potential of Mobile Forestry in relation to Climate change and Urban densification?

Throughout this process the Mobile Forestry strategy & methodology was invented and put to the test in a systematic design & research study for the city of Rotterdam.  After many interviews, prototypes and design experiments the book ‘Navigating the future of metropolitan trees’ was written. The book contains of 150 pages full of illustrations.

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Navigating the Future of Metropolitan trees; -